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Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico Fund (VSJ Token)

May 2nd, 2018


We’re proud to announce a new tokenized fund on Swarm – Viejo San Juan: the VSJ Token.

Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund is founded on the belief that Old San Juan offers a unique opportunity for investment, with a lifestyle offering that will continue to attract new residents as arguably the most livable urban neighborhood in America. The bohemian lifestyle in an historical Caribbean setting, and with Puerto Rico being the only place on the planet where US tax payers can legally be exempt from Federal Tax makes this a very desirable real estate market.

The Fund has targeted several properties for both redevelopment and current rental income. In particular, the Fund intends to redevelop a landmark building for the crypto/blockchain community.

Strategy / Model

There is a heady renewal going on in historical Old San Juan real estate. Old San Juan is a unique and distinct community from Greater San Juan. The Viejo San Juan Comunidad RE Fund will focus exclusively on properties in Old San Juan, to preserve the lifestyle for residents and to generate a source of extraordinary returns on investment.

The Fund will opportunistically acquire properties for current cash flow, rejuvenation and capital appreciation following a portfolio optimization approach. Partnered with Mercy Zayas, founder of Value Added Commercial Real Estate Services, PSC, the Fund will have access to several “off market” properties and benefit from Mercy’s decades of experience in the neighborhood. Target acquisitions are posted in the Fund’s data room on InPortal.

The cornerstone of the Fund is a property with commanding presence in the heart of Viejo San Juan to cater to the crypto/blockchain community, offering premium office space at current market lease rates, with a micro power plant as back up power and power transfer to other properties in the Fund.

Complementing the urban properties is the purchase 44.6 acres (48 cuerdas) of excellent fallow farmland in Las Marias to grow organic produce for sale at the Mercado Agricola Natural in Viejo San Juan, thus adding an element of urban self-sufficiency.

Click here to learn more about the VSJ Token – including the market, return profile, track record, and risk assessment – inside the Swarm Marketplace