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Since our public token offering in October last year, we’ve been hard at work focusing on delivering product and have hit every milestone along the way. On January 29, we released the first Alpha version of the platform, and closely followed this with Alpha v0.7 on February 28, a full month ahead of schedule!  This was a major milestone for the entire team, and because we have reached this point so soon, we want to celebrate it with the Swarm community.

Keeping true to our mission of democratizing finance, we want to encourage even more people to participate and benefit from investment opportunities they’ve never had before.

Today we are excited to announce the SWM March Madness Promotional Campaign!

Over the next 7 weeks you can get involved in three ways. The more you help grow our community of SWM token holders, the more you — and everyone — will benefit. And every week we will be making at least one announcement about Swarm! This includes new investment opportunities, major partnerships, platform updates, and more.

It all starts today, with a KYC bonus and two MAJOR campaigns:

  1. KYC Bonus: Successfully complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) identification verification and receive 10 SWM in your wallet! To be fair to the users who had their KYC verified before SWM March Madness, you will also receive 10 SWM tokens as a “Thank You”!
  2. Referral Campaign: Refer a new user and earn a:
    • Reward of 5 SWM for every referral who passes KYC, no limit.
    • Plus a bonus amount based on the amount of SWM tokens you hold, limited to 4,000 SWM in total.
  3. 20/20 Airdrop: Hold up to 20,000 SWM tokens in your SWM wallet and receive a 20 percent bonus! That’s right, 20 percent! Up to a 4,000 SWM airdrop per person! One of the largest airdrops in crypto. Ever.

Note: Sadly, for regulatory reasons, we must exclude all U.S. residents from the SWM March Madness campaign. We would love to include everyone, but the regulatory environment in the U.S. makes this impossible. In order to be fair to the great majority of the Swarm community, we have decided to exclude U.S. accredited investors as well. We regret to have to make this decision. 

Sign up now to get started:

Want more details? Here are the rules:

The SWM March Madness campaign begins on March 13 and runs until May 1. All users wishing to participate in any of the SWM March Madness promotional activities will need to have their KYC verification approved. Users who do not have KYC approved will not qualify for any of these bonuses or promotions. One Swarm account per individual. Individuals who attempt to create multiple accounts will not be eligible for any bonus or promotion, and may be smited.

KYC Bonus:

Every registered user who has had KYC verification approved will have 10 SWM tokens deposited into their wallet. This promotion will be available for the duration of the SWM March Madness campaign.

  • Users who registered before March 13 will be given the 10 bonus SWM tokens this week.
  • Users who register on or after March 13 will be given the 10 bonus SWM tokens when their KYC verification is approved.

Referral Campaign:

Starting on March 13, you will find a new “Promotions” tab in your account that will contain a unique referral URL you can share with family and friends.

Promotions Menu
Promotions Menu

For every person that signs up with your referral URL, and successfully completes KYC, you will receive 5 SWM PLUS a bonus. The size of your reward is shown in the SWM March Madness Calculator, which you will find in your account on At any time, you can sign in and play around with the calculator to see how to max your reward!

SWM March Madness Calculator
SWM March Madness Calculator

The bonus will be a function of:

  1. How many SWM tokens you hold in your SWM wallet on the Referral Snapshot Date, and;
  2. How many verified users have signed up using your referral link.

Run your own campaign:

We will be creating and sharing official material to help you spread the word and sign up referrals. Details of where to find the material will be in your account. We also encourage you to get creative and spread the word in your local language and in your own words. Just stay true to the rules of the program, and don’t be a spammer.

20/20 Airdrop:

On the Airdrop Snapshot Date, we will take a snapshot of how many SWM tokens each user is holding in their Swarm platform account. On the Airdrop Payment date, we will give each user an extra 20 percent of SWM based on this amount. A 20% bonus. The maximum eligible amount for the Airdrop is 20,000 SWM tokens, hence the name 20/20. In other words, the maximum Airdrop any user can receive is 4,000 SWM tokens.

Important Dates:


  • SWM March Madness begins: March 13, 2018
  • KYC Bonus Payment for Existing Users: March 13, 2018


  • Referral Bonus Snapshot Date: April 15, 2018
  • Referral Bonus Payment Date: April 20, 2018
  • 20/20 Airdrop Snapshot Date: April 29, 2018


  • 20/20 Airdrop Payment Date: May 1, 2018

Swarm reserves the right to change these dates at its discretion. Each individual can participate once and once only. Bots and scammers: no airdrop for you.

Ready to get your SWM? Go to and sign up for our platform, or sign in if you already have an account. If you have any questions, please contact support on the platform or the admins in our Telegram group which is staffed 24/7.


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