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WINGS evaluators will be paid 1.5% of Swarm tokens sold for price discovery and promotion of the token sale

Zug, Switzerland — Swarm Fund, a collaborative ownership platform for real assets, today announced the terms of the WINGS engagement for their upcoming token generation event on September 7, 2017. WINGS is an Ethereum-based platform that harnesses the wisdom of crowds for crowdfunding price discovery and for social promotion of projects to early adopters.

Swarm offers a unique market infrastructure model that enables investing crypto assets into real assets, and deploying traditional capital into real markets in a new way. With Swarm’s infrastructure investors can create and operate asset-backed tokens and participate in composite of wealth creation. Swarm´s system is designed to be adaptable for full regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. The corridor between the public and private blockchain tokens is additionally designed to be fully AML/KYC compliant and tokens follow the model of existing exchanges. For more information see the white paper.

Holders of WINGS tokens will be able to forecast the result of the upcoming Swarm token sale which will start on September 7, 2017, and share their forecast with their social graph thus reaching a higher level of trust among early backers who can review sentiment by crowd aggregate or individuals in their social network. The Ethereum network gives an immutable, and 100 percent accountable track record of the token sale evaluation from a globally diverse group of crypto experts that comprise the WINGS community.

“Swarm is one of the premier projects in the blockchain space and a true pioneer in offering a tangible solution to one of the biggest problems faced by cryptocurrencies, which is linking crypto assets with real assets, with full regulatory compliance,¨ said Dominik Zynis, Head of Communications, WINGS. ¨We are pleased to have Swarm use WINGS for their token sale and look forward to further collaboration on mutual deal flow.”

Once the Swarm token sale ends WINGS forecasters will be rewarded based on their forecasts accuracy with up to 975,000 Swarm if the hard cap if reached (1.5 percent of the total tokens sold which is capped at 65 million Swarm).

“WINGS has a commendable track record of evaluating some of the largest and most popular token sales of 2017,” said Joel Dietz, Founding Partner, Swarm. “We intend to use the WINGS valuation service to estimate the target size of our own raise and other sub-asset tokens.”

WINGS token holders will be able to collect their algorithmically determined forecasting reward payment, based on the math model designed by Dr. Sergey Popov and Artem Gorbachev, PhD, by simply calling on a smart contract which will distribute their allotted tokens as well as adjust their publicly available WINGS Forecast Rating.

The WINGS community will have the chance to evaluate and provide feedback on the Swarm token at starting August 31, 2017. Subscribe for the timely updates about the forthcoming token sale event.

About WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and comprised of a decentralized team of professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream via forecasting. WINGS uses smart contract technology to enable a new type of emergent incentivized swarm intelligence for value discovery on the Ethereum. WINGS provides best in class libraries of smart contracts for blockchain based crowdfunding and for post-funding decentralized governance. To learn more please visit

About Swarm Fund

Swarm is a fully decentralized capital marketplace that makes traditionally exclusive investment opportunities inclusive, and opens up investment markets to previously excluded audiences. Swarm’s fundamental goal is to democratize investing, by implementing liquid democracy to empower investors in a way the world of finance has never seen before. Swarm is slated to hold its initial coin offering from September 7 to September 22. Its initial tokens will be classified as utilities – not securities – and will give holders access to the platform itself. This ICO will reduce the volatility associated with cryptocurrency investing by creating tokens that are backed by real, physical assets. For more information, please visit:
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