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Welcome to the Swarm Newsletter for May 31st, 2018.

Swarm Master Nodes are coming

Swarm has started experimenting with Master Nodes in its test net. These Master Nodes will eventually bring full decentralization to the Swarm network, as they expand the consensus algorithms.

Swarm has started experimenting with Master Nodes in its test net. These Master Nodes will eventually bring full decentralization to the Swarm network, as they expand the consensus algorithms.
The Swarm blockchain inherited its consensus protocol from the Stellar blockchain (SCP). Consensus is currently reached through quorums. In the next few weeks, we will be testing Proof of Stake (PoS) — which lets people mine or validate block transactions based on the number of coins they hold — and Proof of Authority. (PoA) — that offers individuals the chance to become validators, who are then incentivized to uphold the transaction process.
The goal is to make it easy for our users to set up a node and different node configurations. Questions or comments? Please contact us via Telegram.

Swarm soon to facilitate swaps between Ethereum and Swarm assets

Swarm has successfully completed the full auditing of the smart contracts responsible for automating the swaps between ERC20 tokens and Swarm assets. Soon wee will be able to bring many new ERC20 tokens into the Swarm blockchain. This will enable users to invest with any ERC20 token the community decides to implement.

Collaborating with other crypto projects is a major step in supporting the crypto ecosystem and a critical one for the advancement of this new technological paradigm. Together we shall create a more just, decentralized and censorship resistant future to all. Watch for collaboration announcements soon! Questions or comments? Proposals for ERC20 tokens to implement? Please contact us via Telegram.


Seeds provide increased security on the Swarm platform. Store them in a safe place

In his blog, Alexander Lieders explains how your account security is established on the Swarm platform. It goes well beyond traditional usernames and passwords. Learn how seeds — a random sequence of characters — are automatically generated on your computer for added privacy and protection. When the seed is lost, even Swarm cannot restore access to your account. It is incredibly important to securely save your seed. Read Alexander’s blog.

你好,我们说中文 (hello, we speak Chinese)

To accommodate our Chinese speaking followers, Swarm has launched the Swarm Fund China Telegram Group. Packed with all the useful information available in the English version of Telegram, the Chinese version allows these followers to interact with the Swarm content, and with each other, in their native language. 今天注册 (Sign up today)
Note: Swarm Telegram channels are also available in Korean and Japanese and besides English the website offers information in Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well.


Swarm Fund draws much interest at Consensus

8,500 visitors from around the world visited Blockchain Week NYC earlier this month. More than double the number that was expected! Swarm Fund was there and generated a lot of interest — on the floor and from the media. Here are a few video impressions of Swarm’s attendance at Consensus:

  • The future of blockchain technology in the financial services industry

Meet Chris Eberle Chief Operating Officer at Swarm Fund. In this video Chris provides some information about himself and explains the benefits of tokenization. Chris “Tokenization does not only provide for actual ownership (…) it also means governance. With every token you own, you have a vote towards how the fund does what it does”. Watch the entire interview (6 minutes)

  • Swarm’s DNA, investment opportunities and the benefits of tokenization

Cheddar’s Brad Smith asks Swarm Fund’s CEO Philipp Pieper to grade the Financial Services Industry’s ability to embrace blockchain technology. Philipp explains how, like in all industries, the customer need will drive the agenda. Encouraged by the fact that 80 crypto hedge funds were formed in the first quarter on Wall Street, he’s confident the industry will eventually embrace the blockchain. Watch the entire interview (8:30 minutes)

  • Integrity as a compass in an evolving industry

Swarm Advisor Mark Friedler explains why he got involved with Swarm Fund. He says “You cannot take a playbook for something you did a few months ago and apply it to something today. Every project is unique.” In this context Mark praises Swarm leadership’s humility and its openness to explore different options. “If you operate from a place of integrity and build something that makes a lot of sense, and your motives aren’t questionable, I think you’re fine.”. Watch the entire interview (7:30 minutes)

  • Swarm Community: Diversity and Opportunity

Swarm Fund CIO and co-founder Timo Lehes talks about the diversity and the role of the Swarm community. The community will ultimately fulfill his personal mission — “to create return for people who don’t have a million dollars”. Timo explains “they have money to invest, but they have nowhere to go. We want to create a multitude of opportunities for people to invest and get good returns.” Watch the entire interview (5 minutes)

  • Why Swarm Fund’s VP of Product loves his job

Meet Jazzwall Sharad, Swarm’s VP of Product, as he grants a look behind the scenes in the world of product development. Jazzwall talks about the rockstars he’s working with all over the world and provides insight into how his artistic background serves him well in his current role. “This industry is very new, in terms of financial innovations and technical innovations. And just bringing these things together — there’s no precedent. We are changing the world.” Watch the entire interview (6:45 minutes).


Webinar about the NIAH Fund — June 6, 11 AM PST. Register today.

Learn more about the NIAH Fund, one of the investment opportunities listed on the Swarm platform. On June 6 at 11 AM PST (timezone converter) Swarm will host a webinar that features NIAH Fund manager Tim Jemison. Tim will provide updates on how the fund is doing and answer questions from webinar participants. Register today to participate.

Meet Swarm at CES Asia in Shanghai — June 13 -15

If you are planning to go to CES Asia in Shanghai in June, be sure to take time meet the Swarm team. You’ll find us at booth #3666, ready to give you exclusive insight into our business growth, available investment opportunities, options for partnerships and a demo of the Swarm platform. In addition, Swarm Fund CEO Philipp Pieper will be on-stage for a panel-discussion and take questions from a live audience.

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