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How to be a Swarm Fund Manager

1 Submit your project
To get started, describe your project including its purpose, location, the type of fund, and when you expect to go live. Upload a deck if you have one.
2 Create your token What is a SRC20 Token?
What exactly is the SRC20 protocol?

SRC20 defines a common set of rules that a security token must follow, and gives developers the ability to build applications that utilize the properties of tokenized assets. Applications built in the Swarm ecosystem can communicate with each other and pay for transactions using SWM, an ERC20 compliant utility token. Investment platforms, asset management suites, and crypto exchanges are examples of the types of applications that can be built using the SRC20 protocol.

SRC20 security tokens:
– represent ownership of part of an object or “asset”,
– allow holders to manage that asset through voting,
– secure a right to any revenue streams from the asset, and
– are tradable in a regulatory compliant manner.

You’ll be invited to open a free Syndicate Manager account and create your SRC20 token. At this time you’ll provide further detail — your soft and hard caps, your funding period, legal documents and creative assets — and submit your project to the Swarm community for vote. Your token automatically goes live for funding as soon as it is approved by the community. Engage with potential investors in Telegram, our Community forums, and on the Swarm Invest platform. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk about your project and its potential.

3 Welcome Investors

As soon as the soft cap is reached, you have access to the funds. Now you can launch your project. Your investors receive unique tokens representing their investment in your project, entitling them to returns, voting rights and any additional token holder benefits you determine. Keep your investor community informed via status updates, video, and any other applicable documentations like independent valuations, all done through the Swarm Invest platform.

Why List on Swarm?
Swarm makes it simple to reach thousands of global investors looking for unique new opportunities just like yours. You will launch a regulatory compliant security token that is tradeable, transferable (subject to transfer restrictions), and grants voting rights to investors.
You’re in Control
With Swarm, you’re in full control of the funding period, the soft and hard caps, token supply, and how you interact with investors. Once funded, you will have a full set of tools to engage with the token holder community and to include investors in every decision along the way.
We’re Here to Support
Swarm is here to help you with advice, tips and 24/7 support via Intercom and our vibrant Telegram community. We have the experience to guide you on the right path, no matter your level of expertise.
Please Remember
Marketing your SRC20 token is your responsibility as a fund manager. While Swarm will provide incremental promotion & work with you to make your token launch a success, Swarm is not a marketing firm.

Start Tokenizing Your Projects

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